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2562 Hylan Blvd.   Suite  60105

Staten Island, New York, 10306


Ahmed Hassan started the company in early 2000.
He was an Executive Chef of many successful restaurants throughout New York City. Mr. Hassan was the Owner of Zaghloul Grill in Staten Island, New York and Di'napoli Cafe' in Brooklyn, New York.

Ahmed has many degree from different areas, including but not limited to École Hôtelière de Alexandria '82, The Culinary Institute of America '88, New York International Bartender School '89, NYU Hotel Management '91 & Brooklyn Real Estate Center '98.

Ahmed has worked and managed a plethora of places, like Sheraton Nile Cruises, Alex Hotel, Ramada Renaissance Hotel in Egypt & T.J. Bentley's Restaurant, Peggy O'Neill's Restaurant, Gregory Hotel, Harbor View Restaurant, Villa Bella Pastry shop and Kings Catering in New York.

  Ahmed has been dealing with buying, selling, managing & Market Analysis in both residential and commercial Real Estate all over Staten Island and Brooklyn areas for over 20 years. 

 Mr. Hassan has built many restaurants and businesses from the ground up. He is also a Certified Notary Public for the State of New York & plays a vital role in ensuring the growth and quality of business satisfaction.

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